Seat Pallet Systems


Sur-Form has over 50 years combined experience designing and building innovative seat pallet systems for the automotive industry, and have successfully launched seat pallet systems for FCA (Chrysler), Ford, and other tier-one suppliers. Seat pallet design not only requires specific knowledge of injection molding and thermoforming processes, but it also requires specific knowledge of manufacturing processes, conveyor systems, and fabrication and assembly processes. Sur-Form has a team of designers and project managers that understand the challenges of seat pallet systems and can provide support throughout the seat pallet development and implementation. Sur-Form’s seat pallet team considers a wide range of processes relating the pallet system to provide cost effective, reliable, and on-time packaging solutions.

Sur-Form’s modular seat pallet base design allows the base to be used for more than one vehicle program. This helps reduce expensive tool costs for future vehicle programs as only the top plastic details are removed, and the pallet base is retrofitted with a new configuration of plastic details.


To prove-out design intent, prototypes are constructed with production-like materials. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution within specific parameters and budget constraints.


Seat pallets are often designed to accommodate multiple seats, such as first and second row seats, or second and third row seats. Sur-Form can design a system that saves the need for multiple configurations and change over.